Our  take a holistic perspective to every project that focuses on understanding the core audience and their primary motivations, creating the right benefit oriented message and utilizing the optimum medium of delivery.
We provide a comprehensive set of skills and resources including:
·       Quantitative & Qualitative Research Management
·       Marketing, Sales and Business Plan Development
·       Promotional Campaign Development
·       Brand Development and Brand Extension Strategy Development
·       New Product and Service Development
·       Customer Loyalty
·       Cross Market Sales Development
·       Creative Development of B2C and B2B Advertising Campaigns


Our creative approach includes:
1.     Learning how to connect our product as a solution to consumers felt needs
2.     Defining a distinct difference between our client and their competition
3.     Give our audience reasons to believe in the validity of our message and product
I bring a breath of creative capabilities for achieving a clients business goals including:
·       Brand & Corporate Identity Development
·       Collateral Print Materials
·       Writing and content development for web
·       Website Design and Development
·       Consumer & B2B Advertising Campaigns
·       Traditional and Digital Direct Response Campaigns
·       Packaging Design
·       Point of Purchase Graphics
·       Publication & Catalog Development
·       Presentation Resources
·       Integrated TV, Radio & Online Campaigns


Experience has taught us that it takes more than just a good idea and a great advertising campaign to achieve success. We believe the key is being focused on:
How will we connect with our core audience.
How do we successfully convert them from consumers to our customers.
Healthcare Marketing Plus’s team of experienced professional bring the insight and experience that is needed to connect the dots between a great idea, creativity and incorporating the right resources including:
·       Developing a plan that utilizes available consumer data and market competitors to develop a plan that gets the right message to the right people at the right time.
·       Creating campaigns segmented by life style behavior and life.
·       Integrating multiple media in a campaign to maximize conversions.
·       Building structure for effect communications between vendors, internal team members and client.
·       Implementing resources including Google analytics to measure effectiveness of campaigns.

Researching and connecting with strategic partner