Healthcare Marketing- An Industry in Transition

Healthcare Marketing

An Industry in Transition

Recent years have witnessed significant growth in the healthcare industry, including:

–Capital investments and extensions of hospital location sites within communities

–Focus and growth of hospital Centers of Excellence and key Service Lines

–Expansion of advanced technology for early detection and minimally invasive

 What’s Next?

As your hospital growth levels off, the next step becomes clear and even more urgent. Advertising and promotion alone will not drive sufficient volume through your hospital.  Sustainable growth and the ability to retain and recruit new customers depends upon your hospital developing an authentic consumer-based marketing mindset.

 Are you advertising your Centers of Excellence and Service Lines?   Or…

Are you communicating your most important information to your most meaningful potential customers?  In today’s marketplace, the difference between “doing advertising” and “possessing a consumer-based marketing mindset” reveals itself quickly in your ability to communicate value to your most meaningful consumers.

Serving the Most-Educated Generation of Consumers in History

Whether shopping for a new car, a computer, or about their health, this generation knows how to make the most of its access to mass information via the Internet and traditional resources.

You know it’s true. Even within your own field you research your competition, what they offer, new techniques and treatments and their success rates.  When it comes to their personal healthcare—and the healthcare of those they love and care for—you can be sure that your customers are doing their homework, as well.

Healthcare consumers are educating themselves about every aspect of their health from specific conditions they have now to those they may inherit and those they may be environmentally prone to develop.  They’re networking with friends, peers, and family to compare hospital and physician scorecards and to find the medical expertise that will meet their needs.

Consumers RECOGNIZE—and RESPOND—when a hospital has taken the time to understand what’s important to them and to their family.  How are you doing in this essential area?