The Most Important Thing

The Most Important Thing

New and continued success depends upon your team’s ability to consistently communicate value to your most meaningful customers.

The Right Message, To the Right Audience, In the Right Format.

 Helping you Find the Right Solutions

Each hospital has its own organizational demands, Centers of Excellence and Service Lines. But even more importantly to understand, each marketplace’s consumers have their own unique needs, priorities, and ways they interpret value and meaning.

We show you how to consistently communicate your most important information to your most meaningful customers. That’s the way you achieve positive, sustainable ROI in this economy. When you make that connection with your consumer-patients, you reap the benefits:

1. Drive volume to your hospital
2.  Build and retain customers
3.  And empower and encourage your customers to recruit others on your behalf.

The ELAH SOLUTIONS TEAM draws upon decades of retail customer experience to offer you a nuanced understanding of how your consumer-patients think, their research and healthcare shopping styles and habits, and ultimately, what drives them to choose your hospital and your services over others.

We will help you:

• Examine the multiple roles that your customers fill—from potential patient, to peerof prospective patients, from caregiver and supportive researcher to referring a patient, etc.
• Identify the existing correlations between your hospital Service Lines and your potential consumers/patients
• Maximize your Customer Resource Management databases
• Focus direct communication and message on specified Service Lines and their sets of drivers
• Influence the primary “shopper”/decision maker within a household
• Find and keep customers with aging parents
• Decode the unique patient mix of your Service Line’s and how they impact Service Line and Specialty Area correlations
• Understand the various consumer mixes across your communities
• Make lifelong customers of patients so they will return downstream for healthcare services at your hospital.
• Review and analyze marketing performance and segment opportunities